About Coy Bettie and Philosophy

    Angie Snow is the Visionary/Owner of Coy Bettie’s Espresso & Bistro, who focuses on healthy food first, no matter whether it is meaty or vegan or gluten-free.

    Ms. Snow comes from a vegetarian background and has many choices for the vegetarian and vegan tastes and contemporary tastes too!  Her son has been dianisrd High Functioning autistim thus having gluten-free and  less dairy helps their symptoms especially at a young age and while in school. Ms. Snow worked in the food industry for many years.  After working at an upper class resort, under amazing chefs whose skills inspired her.  Ms. Snow was challenged and inspired to develop her own culinary skills and some-day start her own restaurant/bistro.  Ms. Snow opened  Coy Bettie’s Espresso & Bistro after two years of menu development & business planning on March 13, 2010.

    Chef/Owner Angie says of her cooking style, “I love to cook with raw organic foods when I can get my hands on them.  I love creating as ‘Made From Scratch’ as possible, because you can better control what is in your diet.  With all the processed foods these days, it can be challenging to ‘eat out’ and to keep with your healthy lifestyle too.  I cook all sorts of unique healthy entries , baked goods, smoothies, and espresso, but my forte is vegan dishes and  gluten-free baked goods.  I enjoy the health aspect and  challenge of these two food styles.  I believe you can eat healthy at no matter where you shop Winco or Wild Oats.  It is all about the freshness and the proper combination of taste texture.  Also, for me, an artist in my personal life, visually pleasing assembly and arrangement is important too.”

     Ms. Snow is an artist in her personal life.  She apprenticed for a year and a half under local artist/metal sculptor Bernie Jestrabek-Hart.  Ms. Snow took one class and fell in love with the process.  From the base shape development up to all  the  fine tuning and detail needed to make the  finish the product as life-like or visually intriguing.   It is an amazing journey.

     Angie Snow, also, loves the modern/classic feel of  black and white photography. The detailed lines the photo displays, the hues, and simplistic talent that is required to capture the subject in it raw un-painted form is beautiful.

      Coy Bettie’s decor reflects Ms. Snow’s love of art . It  is warm & inviting with deep colors, retro lighting, black and white  1940’s pin-ups adorn the main dining room, and up-cycled art showcase on the walls and shelves throughout the Bistro.

“I have a retro/modern bistro with a healthy vibe. “~Angie Snow sums it up.

  • Always gluten-free & vegan soup with Chicken Gumbo on Fridays
  • Hand crafted mocha sauce , lemonades, and fresh fruit lemonades
  • Meaty unique sandwiches are offered or build your own
  • On site bakery with “regular” flour temptations , as well as gluten-free & vegan delights too
  • A full  two pages of vegetarian & vegan menu is offered from the 8 page menu.
  • Always have on hand Gluten free bread & wraps to adapt any sandwich
  • Old Fashioned Milkshakes  and Raw food smoothies
  • Kids love the “Worm Farm” Milkshake~ choclate ice cream with crushed Oreos (dirt) on top with 3 gummy worms crawling out !
  • Breakfasts burritos, Crepes, Quiche baked in a crepe crust, muffins, scones….ect
  • Vegan options available :Bread , cheese, Quiche, vegan dressing & mayo, soup, salads, Vegan baked  goods & desserts
  • Purchase Coy Bettie’s own blend of Gluten-Free Multi Purpose Flour made my master chef Angie Snow
  • ”Build Your Own “Sandwich list, Salad  & Flatbread pizza sheet is available for the customer custom choices.
  • Classic Black and white Hollywood pictures & pin-ups adorn the wall
  • Hip den feel great for lunch, WI FI for studying or surfing , or just sharing media

Coy Bettie’s Espresso & Bistro is located on the second story of Pearson’s Twice Sold
Tales Bookstore in downtown Nampa, ID. 

Coy Bettie now has a back entrance for breakfast.  Nampa’s only Loft Bistro.

Address 1215 1/2  1St S, Nampa, ID 83651

Phone 000-000-0000

Website: http://www.coybettie.wordpress.com             

Email: coybettie@live.com

 We are  Facebook under “Coy Bettie Chef Angie” and Twitter  under “Coy Bettie” too.

Hours: CLOSED PERMANENTLY                                                                                                                                                                            

                   Sat 7am  – 5:30 pm

                   Sun-Mon Closed


One comment on “About Coy Bettie and Philosophy

  1. rad site! Q’s that come to mind: do you eat a vegetarian/vegan diet yourself currently? And for how long?
    As a parent, are you choosing a vegetarian/vegan/gulten free lifestyle and diet for your family at this time?
    What’s been your experience with your personal journey toward committing to a meat-free/cruelty-free lifestyle? Im curious, and i think maybe your other customers could be as well 🙂 There are of course so many diverse reasons one might chose this life….are your inspirations more health oriented(such as meat is bad for you!) , environmentally oriented (better for the planet and humanity!) or coming from a spiritual committment to stop the nonsensical murder of live beings(animals)?
    Oh! and do you make vegan “milk”shakes? with hemp, soy, almond, seasame milk or whatever? Yummy!
    Love the combo of bookstore and cafe, btw. great place to eat and be chill! ❤

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